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Photography Tips For Better Pictures

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

How To Take Better Pictures From Your iPhone

Cameras in todays phones have improved quite a bit over the last few years however, most people are still unaware of the impressive pictures you can capture using just your cell phone. Most of my pictures are taken from my iPhone, but I do also occasionally take some on my Kodak camera. In this post I will be telling you some ways to take better pictures from your cellphone.

The thing I Photograph the most is flowers. I think I have so many flower pictures because I see them everyday, and I have learned a way to get shots of them that display their full beauty and life.

1 . The first step to taking a good picture of a flower, is to find a flower without any holes, tears, or discoloration.

2 .Once you have found one, you will pull out your camera. When taking flowers photographs, you should almost always center the flower on your screen. There are many times in photography when you put the object your are capturing slightly to the side of your screen, but because you want the flower to look defined and to be the main focus of the picture, you will center it.

3. Now that you have it centered, you should zoom in just enough that the plant looks close to the camera. You can put your phone about 6 inches away from the flower and zoom in to prevent your lens from not focusing, and to be able to zoom in just enough that your camera will not begin to blur.

4. You can now adjust the lighting of your photo but tapping on your screen and sliding the small yellow sun next to the yellow square that will appear, either up or down. (This will only show up if you have an iPhone)

5. Take the picture!

The next kind of picture i am going to teach you to take is a perspective photo.

Here is an example of a perspective photo

This is actually quite simple to do. You will want to find something that has a nice background. As you can see above, the background of my picture includes greenery and a wooden trail that weaves through the woods. If you have a good setting for your picture, it will look more professional and organized.

  1. First you will flip your phone upside down so that the side of your phone that has the camera will be close to the object you are taking a picture of.

  2. Next you will tap on your screen so that the lens will focus. It may take a few seconds for it to adjust.

  3. You have to decide if you would like your camera to focus on the part of the object that is closest to your camera or farther back like in the one that is displayed above. It often looks better if you are choosing to make it focus on the point closest to your camera but it sometimes works out the other way.

  4. Snap the picture! You should now have a nice perspective shot.

The sidewalk at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful pictures you could ever take. The colors make it feel as if it were a dream when in reality, it was once right in front of you. I. don't know about you, but I had a hard time capturing the true essence of a sunset. I finally discovered a way to bring its reputation to the screen and I would like to share it with you. It all comes down to 3 very simple things.

  1. When taking a picture of a sunset, you must make sure that your camera is focusing on the right spot on the screen. You are going to tap on your screen where the sun is shown. This will help to focus on the main attraction of the photo your are taking. Then you will drag down on the small sun that is shown next to the focusing box. You shouldn't have to drag down too far. When you do this, it helps to take away some of the brightness which will prevent bright spots.

  2. DO NOT ZOOM IN! Zooming in can cause the sun to loose its round shape and can make your picture grainy which leads to the final product looking as if it is lower quality. If there is something you do not want in your picture, you can crop it out.

  3. Editing. You never want to over-edit your pictures, but as long as you know how to edit properly, it will look natural. Even though todays mobile phone cameras are good quality, they are still not perfect. Sometimes you may notice that your pictures do not look as colorful or as vibrant as it did in person, and that is why it is a good idea to edit most of your sunset photos.

If you have an apple device these are the steps you will have to take to get a good edited sunset photo:

  1. Go to the picture you would like to edit and tap the button labeled "edit".

  2. Tap the symbol at the bottom that looks like a dial.

These are the settings to use to bring your sunset picture back to life:

Exposure: -40

Brilliance: -20

Highlights: 50

Shadows: 60

Brightness: -15

Vibrance: -15

Note: this does not always work the best on "pink sky" sunsets.

A sunset I saw while on a Disney Cruise

Finally is the waterfall pictures. This isn"t something I see very often, but when I do, I make sure I get a good, high quality photo of it. This is one of the easiest pictures to master.

  1. You can shoot it from any angle! So with that being said, find your favorite spot and make sure your camera is on "live". If you do not have your camera set to live photos, this will not work.

  2. Take the picture!

  3. After you got a picture you like, swipe up. Four options will pop up under "effects" because it was a live photo. Select "Long Exposure". This makes the running water all flow together instead of looking choppy.

Tip: Try to hold your phone as still as you can while taking this picture. If you move too much, once you have edited it to be a long exposure photo, it can be blurry.

Before Long Exposure

After Long Exposure

Thank you so much for reading about some of my photography tips for good pictures! If you enjoyed make sure to subscribe to our mailing list and follow our instagram @theteentrvlr ! Stay tuned for more posts!

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