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Lake Lure, North Carolina

Last summer, we decided to take a short, few day vacation to somewhere we had never been. While searching for the right location, we stumbled upon Lake Lure in North Carolina. It has a small town feel while also being a great tourist spot. Along the road where the lake is, are many shops, restaurants, and look out spots to take nice pictures of the mountains.

Although Lake Lure is not very popular, it has an interesting history you may be surprised to hear about. the lakes story begins in the early 1900s when a physician from Missouri visited the area and quickly fell in love with the natures beauty. He decided to purchase the land and became the new owner of over 8,000 acres of green rolling hills. the lake was later created. (This is a man made lake). A dam was put in to shut off the water from flowing into the new body of water, and the lake now covers roughly 720 acres and 27 miles of shoreline. In 1927, lake lure inn and spa, which was previously a boys camp, became the set for the award winning movie, "Dirty Dancing".

Day 1

On our first full day at Lake Lure, we went to one of the well known attractions called Chimney Rock. Chimney Rock is a large rock at the peak of a cliff overlooking the valley and mountains. You can take a short hike to the spot and climb a staircase to the rock. There are railings around the rock to ensure as much safety they can provide. It is a beautiful stop to make that won't take more than an hour out of your day. The rest of the day we wandered around town and explores some of the shops. All of the shops are local owned small businesses.

Chimney Rock

View from Chimney Rock

Day 2

On our second day, we went to the lake. There is a small beach with plenty to do. There are kayak and paddle board rentals, along with 2 small waterslides for kids that empty out into the lake. There is a sectioned off area in the lake for swimming. It is sectioned off to keep you from wandering too far from shore, and to keep you safe from passing boats. I would recommend bringing inflatable inner-tubes, or a float to give you the option to relax in the water. We rented paddle boards, and spent a few hours at the lake. The rest of the day, we walked through another part of town and had a cookout back at our cabin we were renting for the week.

Paddle Boarding

Lake Lure

Day 3

On the final day of our vacation, we rented a boat to take out on the lake. There are small beaches located on the edges of the lake you can stop at while on your boat ride. Spending the day on the boat was a great way to end the trip. Surrounding the lake are mountains which give the lake a peaceful feeling.

If you are ever looking for a place for a nice little weekend trip, please consider Lake Lure. It has plenty of things to do that also come with relaxation on the water with a view. Thank you for reading about my vacation to Lake Lure NC. For more blogs, please subscribe to our mailing list and become a site member! You can also follow me on instagram @theteentrvlr

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