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My Travel Bucket-List

The top 5 destinations on my bucket-list

If you have never heard of any of these places, I strongly encourage that when you're done reading about my opinion on them, and why I so desperately have the urge to go to take a visit to each one, that you look up some more beautiful pictures of them. The scenery in these locations is breathtaking.

Number 1

Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

Although it may look as if this is a picture of the sky from out of an airplane window, this is actually on the ground! The sky's reflection displayed on the ground makes it feel like you are in heaven. The photos you can capture here would be 100% nature because there is not one structure on the salt. Some say that this 4,086 square mile attraction is one of the most stunning locations on the planet, however, there is a slight problem that I should probably warn you so you don't get confused. There is occasionally a thin layer of water which results in the natural mirror that displays the sky. So the downside of this is, you never really know when this will occur, and when you will be able to witness "walking on air".

Number 2

Hallstatt, Austria

With a population of 859, Hallstatt is a small village on a lake on the shore of Austria. The second you walk into the town it looks like you walked straight into the the mid 1700's. (this honestly reminds me of the town from "Beauty And The beast"). There are not many places like this nowadays because they are often renovated to look more modern, but Hallstatt has kept its charm by staying its original design. Now quite often, different travel spots never live up to the pictures, but many former tourists of Hallstatt have said that is exactly like the photos.

Number 3

Vernazza, Italy

Vernazza, Italy is claimed to be the most photo-worthy destination in all of Italy because of its turquoise sea, and colorful homes. Cars are not welcome in this little town, and I guess there's really no need for one! If you desire to leave Vernazza, there is a train which will help transport you to the nearest city. As you can see in the photo above, the water is enclosed and this has formed a unique biome which has benefitted the local sea life! Supposedly you will have great luck fishing in their little inlet of water, so if you are a fishing enthusiast, this may the place for you! All the towns restaurants boast about the seafood they offer which is locally caught, and the main option on the menu.

Number 4

Santorini, Greece

In case you can't tell, I have a love for towns on the coast. Santorini is a popular tourist attraction, and well I can see why. The architecture is unique and modern even though it is historic. I would assume this is what attracts it's many annual visitors. Sadly, there would have been more to explore, but back in 1956, an earthquake hit and destroyed many of Santorini's historic buildings. If you venture away from the populated area, you may find one of Santorini's "secret" springs. The culture and history of the area is so fascinating, which makes me want to travel there to experience it even more!

Number 5

Little Venice Mykonos, Greece

This is by far my favorite place on my travel bucket-list! Little Venice is also a coastal town, but you can travel inland unlike most of the other places I have mentioned. You can come spend a weekend here any time of the year without having to worry about bad weather because Mykonos has an average of over 300 days a year with clear sunny skies. All the doors and railings are colorful, which is part of what draws me, and most others to it. All the streets are lined with grey stones as you can see above. Not only is it quite possibly one of the cutest towns I have ever seen, but also it has some of the most in depth history out of any of the other places in this list. The doors were only aloud to be painted one out of these three colors:

Blue for if you were a sailor

Green if you were a farmer

And red if you were neither.

Who knew even the colors of the doors had meaning?! There is so much background information behind almost everything you will see in Little Venice.

Thank you so much for reading this blog and supporting me! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the places on my travel bucket-list that I hope to someday achieve to cross of my list. If you would like to see more posts, please become a member and subscribe to our mailing list!

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