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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Somewhere between tent camping, and RV camping.

Out in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, in Milton Florida, is a place called Coldwater Gardens. Coldwater Gardens offers multiple staying options such as; cabanas, tree houses, tiny homes, and glamping tents.

If you aren't one for tent camping, but would like to do something a little more

outdoors-y than staying in a camper or cabin, the tents that are rented out at Coldwater Gardens, are perfect for you! The tents are placed on a large wooden base and includes 1 or 2 beds (depending on which tent you choose), a small fridge, counter space for preparing food, a shelf to keep your belongings, and a patio with a dinner table and lounge chairs. From the tents you can see a large bathhouse which has multiple bathroom stalls and showers. They are always very clean, and air conditioned.

Outside, there are many things to do. There are multiple trails you can walk with native and luscious plants along the way. A few of the trails end at a small river with a mini beach where you can relax and listen to the sound of the peaceful flowing water, and enjoy the scenery. From your tent, you can see a grassy field which is perfect for sports, or recreational activities. Coldwater Gardens has recently added stargazing platforms which are about 2 miles from the tents. The platforms are elevated about 15 feet, with stairs to reach the top. Up on the platform, there are hammock swings and a roof overhead to keep leaves off of the deck. Lastly, just behind a few trees that are within view of the tents, is a beautifully detailed garden, playground, and pergola with multiple hammock swings that overlook a small pond with a willow tree elegantly bending over it, and flowers galore. Coldwater Gardens has a large greenhouse filled with plants that are grown on site, koi fish that help fertilize their plants, and succulents that you can purchase to decorate your home.

If it happens to rain during your stay, there is a lodge that is right around the corner from the tents. In the lodge there are tables where you can play games, and there is a small shop towards the back. Even if it rains, you will still make so many memories and you will likely be able to get outdoors other times during the day.

Along with all that Coldwater Gardens has to offer, they host weddings. Although I have not personally been to a wedding at Coldwater Gardens, you can tell that they would be filled with beauty and nature. There is a spot outside the lodge where a wedding can take place, and a spot in the garden with seats and an arbor already set up. Coldwater Gardens has become a yearly trip that my family has taken. Every year we discover something new, and make many cherished memories.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting Coldwater Gardens. To get a reservation, you should call 6 months in advance because they get booked very quickly. I hope you enjoyed reading about Coldwater Gardens. Please subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on instagram @theteentrvlr.

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