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The Landscaping, Almost As Captivating As The Animals

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Dublin Zoo

My family and I were on a week long vacation in Dublin Ireland in May of 2019. We had heard many great reviews about the local zoo which led us to check it out. It ended up being the most well kept, and cared for zoo I had ever been to. I often feel a little sympathy for animals in zoos because of their living conditions and small housing, but at the Dublin zoo, there was no need to feel that way! The large habitats were much like the species' natural location. The zoo had many small details that most people wouldn't even consider. The main thing that attracted me to this zoo (besides the animals) was the landscaping.

Landscaping is something I don't usually notice, but at the Dublin zoo, it was impossible to avoid. Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful blooming flowers, bushes full of life, and nature galore. I especially appreciated the flowers because flowers are often my favorite thing to take pictures of. So this was definitely exciting for me!

Now just when I thought I had gotten all the stunning pictures I would capture for the day, I turned a corner and there stood a beautiful (manmade) waterfall! Because I don't live anywhere near mountains, or lushes trees, I was excited for the opportunity to capture its beauty, and expand my collection of waterfall pictures!

The animals were absolutely incredible. They had a much wider selection of animals to look at then most zoos I had previously visited. My favorite area of the whole zoo was the largest exhibit , the African savanna. There were many different animals that were compatible with one another in the savanna. The animals had plenty of room to roam around, which is quite comforting. Being able to look around at zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and so much more, all living together in harmony, is quite peaceful.

As you can see in the picture above, it was designed to be as authentic as possible. ( I'm sorry i didn't get a great "photography" shot of the savanna, but I am glad that it should hopefully help you to visualize what i am describing to you.)

A happy orangutan enjoying a carrot

I highly recommend that if you are in the area of the Dublin zoo, that you take a trip for a day to experience the wonders that the park provides.

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